5 month countdown to SM&CR implementation for insurers.

On the 4th July the FCA released Policy Statement 18/15. This outlines the near-final rules for extending the SM&CR across Insurers.

Policy Statement 18/15 also provides the regulators feedback on both consultation paper 17/26 & 17/41.

This is understandably an important document for all affected firms to get to grips with. We understand that working through a 761 page document can be a challenge especially while trying to balance all your existing duties. You can find yourself having to stop-start the whole way through.

That is why our condensed document is the perfect tool to have on your desk. Giving you the peace of mind that you have a record of all the key information.

Download your copy of FSTP’s condensed document here.

You can also access the FCA’s full Policy Statement 18/15 here.

Remember to contact us should you require any support with your SM&CR preparation and implementation or if you simply have any questions.

Philippa Grocott

Business Development Partner