Working in the heavily regulated world of financial services can sometimes feel more complex than it should do. Especially when the regulation in question is the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, or as it’s more commonly referred to SMCR.

SMCR is such a key part of the regulatory landscape moving forward that many firms are finding the complexities of it evermore daunting as the repercussions for getting it wrong have the potential to be so severe.

We have supported numerous firms through SMCR who were captured in the first tranche of the regulation. Many of whom would admit, with hindsight, that they did not allow sufficient time and resource to get SMCR implemented within their firm. So the key message for firms is do not under estimate this crucial piece of regulation. Start as early as possible; our brochure below includes a useful SMCR timeline to help keep you on track with your projects.

If you are finding any parts of either the Senior Managers Regime of the Certification Regime difficult to navigate, rest assured that you are not alone. We can provide you with as much or as little support as you need. Our brochure will provide a full suite of services and you can simply select the ones that will help keep your projects on track.

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Download your SMCR guide below.

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``By making today’s session interactive and by asking us all questions throughout, getting us thinking and not just ‘listening’ to what you are saying, I feel we were all more engaged and I certainly took more away from the training… I am now better able to understand and apply SMCR in a firm-wide context, rather than just how it applies to my role.``

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Worry less

With our systematic approach, we can help you tackle SM&CR in your stride, rather than viewing it as a major hurdle. We develop an action plan tailored to your business. This means less stress for you, no last minute panics and fewer sleepless nights.

Avoid mistakes

Having been closely involved with firms captured in the first wave of SM&CR, we can help you avoid the common, and not so common, pitfalls when implementing the new regime.

Flexible support

We can provide you with a bespoke solution depending on your current situation. Whether you need a full suite of support, have identified areas upcoming that are going to require further resource or simply want to consult a 'critical friend' to gain valuable feedback on what you have done, or are planning to do. Whatever you need, we have a solution that will compliment your existing projects.