Positioning for clients – not always an easy sell?

MiFID II has introduced some fundamental changes to the way we communicate with clients.

Two recent articles of interest for financial advisers speaking to clients now are found in Portfolio Advisor and on the BBC website. Portfolio Advisor discusses how firms are bracing themselves to explain MiFID II transaction charges to their clients. (Access the full article here).

While the BBC has highlighted the need to disclose charges before clients invest under the new requirements – you can expect some of your clients to be more aware now than ever before. (Access BBC article and Podcast here).

We have been supporting a number of firms to ensure that all staff are aware of the key changes and don’t  have any doubts how these changes will impact their clients. Contact us today to find out how our MiFID II – impact of changes workshop can ensure your staff are up to speed.

These 2 hour workshops can be delivered at your offices, helping to highlight the key changes and the reason behind them. Additionally, should you need us to tailor the session to include your firm specific procedures or for different audiences within your business i.e. front office and/or Operations this can also be accommodated.

Don’t rely on word of month and written procedures in the hope that everyone will “get it”…. only 8% of firms undertook any awareness training for MiFID II preparations. It’s not too late to provide awareness training to staff as it demonstrates the commitment the regulator will be seeking once they begin their supervisory visits in the coming weeks.

We have delivered these workshops for a number of clients throughout the UK and they have been very well received. The Head of Compliance from one of our Wealth Management clients said –

“As ever it has been a pleasure to work with FSTP – they always seem to know just what is required”. 

Contact a member of our team today. Email us via info@fstp.co.uk, or call 01908 395243 to schedule your workshops. Providing support to your teams whilst demonstrating a commitment to the agenda of the regulator couldn’t be easier. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart Bull

Marketing Manager