No this is not a script from that classic – Family Fortunes but the actual results from a recent client survey we conducted because of Covid19.  We sent out the survey to help us understand what are clients wanted to support them through this time and also to inform our strategy going forward.

We thought it might be useful to share this information and hopefully inform your thinking also. The analysis of the information is not surprising but some of the answers do indicate preferences which employers might like to take into consideration.   Our clients are all from financial services firms  but the read cross should be the same.

The questions are listed  below with the responding top responses

Q. Which of the following training media are you using / planning to use during the current period of social distancing?

A. ELearning came out top by over 20% followed by live interactive webinar (real time).


Q.Which of the following resources do you / will you use to deliver training to your employees?

A. There was a 100% response for a combination between in house and external resources


Q. Before social distancing measures were enforced, which of the following training media did your firm use?

A. Face to face ranked top with generic eLearning behind in second place


QPlease rank the following in order of preference with 1 being the most preferred and 6 being the least preferred.


1. Face to face

2. Virtual classroom

3.Tailored eLearning and Real time Webinar

4. Recorded webinar/webcast

5. Generic eLearning



Q.Does your firm have an established Training and Competence policy?


Yes – 66.67%

No – 11.11%

Not sure 22.22%


Q. Does your firm use a diagnostic tool to identify staff learning and development needs?


No – 66.67%

Not sure – 33.33%


Q. Does your firm’s Business Continuity Plan include Training and Competence arrangements?


Yes – 44.44%

No – 33.33%

Not sure -22.22%


Q.Prior to the social distancing requirements coming into force, had your firm completed Conduct Rules training for all your Senior Managers and Certified employees?

Yes – 77.78%

No – 33.33


Q.Prior to the social distancing requirements coming into force, had your firm made provision for training general staff on Conduct Rules?

 Yes – 66.67%

No – 33.33%


QDid the training (whether completed, or not) take account of how the Conduct Rules apply to specific roles (e.g. through case studies tailored to specific functions)?


Yes – 55.56%

No – 33.33%

Not sure – 11.11%


Q.Which of the following communications platforms does your organisation use?

 A. Zoom and MS Teams came out joint top

As we said in the introduction none of this is surprising, people still want the interaction whether it be face to face or virtual real time interactive training / learning. Good interactive eLearning is definitely ‘a go to’ and a requirement for that blended learning approach.

Take what you want and more importantly need from the answers but as we do more things remotely and people are more reluctant to travel into the office especially if it means a commute on a train, bus and tube, having an established T & C scheme / policy is a necessary so people know what they have to do remotely or otherwise in order to be assessed as competent.

You, as a firm, have to demonstrate to the regulator you know what you have to do to meet the requirements in lockdown or otherwise (the FCA will still ask you for the evidence to support you are actually carrying out those requirements)! Remember the FCA still requires certified staff to be assessed as fit and proper and general staff to receive role specific conduct rules training by the 9th December which ever way you choose to deliver it.

If the above has raised any questions and you would like to talk through possible answers we are open for business (and informative chats)!