Initiating Cultural Change

Culture within the financial services industry as a whole is a key area of focus for the regulator. The culture of your firm can come under scrutiny during a regulatory visit and is often now used as a starting point for the regulator.

This is why it is so important that firms are constantly on top of their culture, the damage to a firms reputation as a result of a cultural failing can be difficult to correct. Being able to identify any potential issues is key and knowing how to effectively implement and maintain these changes are crucial.

This is why FSTP have produced this guideline document to help firms create and sustain cultural change within their firm. We have supported many of our clients through cultural change programmes. It is this work that has enabled us to produce this document that has been a useful reference for a number of clients involved in initiating and implementing cultural change in their business.

Download your copy of the document below, simply complete the short contact from.

Julia Kirkland

Managing Partner