FTSP Upcoming Courses – Compliance and Risk

This is our round up of FSTP courses which are coming up in the Compliance and Risk arena.

Please do get in touch with any questions you may have. If you want to book straight away you can easily do so using the link below each summary. As well as running open courses, we can deliver all of these events inhouse at your offices. Please get in contact if you wish to explore this option and we’ll be delighted to help you and discuss the various options.

FSTP Compliance and Risk Courses


Retail Conduct and Risk Culture – July 14

The FCA now expects you to create a culture of fairness, looking at your firm’s culture as the potential root cause of poor outcomes for your customers.

While many firms place a high value on organisational culture, far fewer understand how to link culture with conduct risk and improved outcomes for customers. This intensive one day course will help you navigate this landscape with ease.

You will earn 6 CPD Credits for this one day course.

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MiFID II for Project Managers, Risk and Compliance Professionals – July 28FSTP Compliance and Risk courses

The first Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) was a game-changer. However, certain developments and advances in technology have transformed the industry since then.

The implementation of MiFID II is due in January 2018, which means the amount of change required by firms puts this piece of legislation high on the planning agenda. You need to make sure your firm is ready for ‘Go live’.

The FCA has announced that all firms working towards regulatory deadlines should continue to do so post EU Referendum.

You will be awarded 6 CPD Credits for attending this one day course.

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Investigative Interviewing Techniques – September 14

Making sure that you are asking the right questions during your fact finding interviews is vitally important. It will ensure that you are getting the relevant information as quickly as possible, helping you to get to the truth quicker.

Learn and develop advanced interviewing techniques and skills on this interactive event, which will help you plan and conduct effective interviews.

You will be awarded 6 CPD Credits for attending this one day course.

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Behavioural Economics – September 21

Customers always think that they are making rational buying decisions. Although the evidence suggests that this is not the case. The complexity of financial products can cause a customers poor decision making to increase.

Behavioural economics can provide valuable insights into how and why customers are making these decisions. That is why the regulator intends to use behavioural economics as a tool for future investigations and reviews.

Find out how you can use behavioural economics to put the customer at the heart of your business. Studies have found Financial Services firms that have taken this customer focus approach have outperformed the rest of the market.

You will be awarded 6 CPD Credits for attending this one day course.

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Should you have any questions around compliance and risk please do not hesitate to contact us. We can deliver all our training events in house at a time to suit you.