FSTP Open Courses round up for Winter 2019

As the clock is ticking on the latest SM&CR regulation, we know there is more pressure  on firms than ever before to ensure there is compliance across more people in the organisation than ever before. Culture is of the utmost importance too.

Our courses and workshops are packed with practical insights and up to the minute regulator and industry knowledge. Our training that gets to the heart of the issues quickly plus we ensure small classrooms and expert trainers which result in exceptional outcomes.

While we are sure you are well aware the FCA expects your firm to continually review your employee competence and training needs regularly, we can help you fill in the gaps to ensure you are compliant.

Please do get in touch if you would like us to answer any questions or you’re interested in having a course run for you in house.

Taking Reasonable Steps – 26 November

What does the regulator mean by the term ‘reasonable steps’? Do you or your Approved Persons (SMFs) understand what is expected of you in your execution of reasonable steps?

The aim of this 2-hour workshop is to unravel the confusion that lies around “reasonable steps” and shed light on the regulators expectations.

Who is this course for?

This course is crucial for all members of staff affected by the SMF Conduct Rules.

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Organisational Culture and Behavioural Risk – 27 November

Learn how behavioural economics will help protect your firm from conduct risk, create better outcomes for your customers and keep the regulator happy.

People like to think they make rational buying decisions. But the evidence points to a different conclusion: they don’t. Errors made by consumers are persistent and predictable. Make the smart decision to join us for this one-day fascinating and practical look at behavioural economics

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for people in the following roles:

Sales, Senior Management, Executive, Marketing, Risk

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Culture – The Board’s Secret Weapon – 3 December

Your organisation’s culture and approach to managing conduct risk make a massive contribution to the revenue generated by your business – not to mention your brand reputation. In the last 15 years, large-scale conduct-related scandals have eroded trust in the Financial Services industry. As a result, most of the regulatory priorities are now shaped around the need for ‘good’ business culture, underpinned by individual accountability. This fast-paced two-and a half-hour briefing will provide the knowledge you need to get the job done.

Who is this course for?

This informative, two-and a half-hour briefing has been designed for: Senior managers, Board members, staff in leadership roles, Heads of function.

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Managing – T&C in a Changing regulated environment to meet SMCR requirements – 4 December

Compliance failures are often put down to staff incompetence. High profile cases have uncovered chief execs operating with no knowledge of the latest regulation. The FCA has sharpened its focus on training and competence (T&C) as a result. You must be able to prove (to an intrusive regulator) that your T&C policies mitigate risk and promote professionalism.

This one-day course will help you develop the policies and processes you need to ensure your people reach and maintain competence

Who is the course for?

This one-day course has been designed for:

Compliance teams, HR departments, Training and development professionals, Line managers.

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Stuart Bull

Marketing Manager