Don’t let the Apprenticeship Levy or Funding slip through your fingers

Apprenticeships open programmesIf your firm is an Apprenticeship Levy payer (or even if it isn’t) there are funds available to you to up-skill your staff. At FSTP we recognise that many firms won’t be able to release numbers of staff all at the same time to develop them. That is why we are announcing FSTP’s Apprenticeship open programmes; these allow firms of all sizes to stagger their use of the funding available to them. We offer;

  • Full programmes designed to make the apprenticeship journey easier
  • Mentors assigned to give regular individual coaching to learners and provide further guidance to employers about their apprentices’ progress
  • Trainers who as ex-practitioners in the various disciplines add real value to the apprentices’ learning experience.
  • An excellent level of customer service, which our clients have come to expect

Click here to discover the details of our programmes due to commence shortly and running through to summer 2020. You can access further details on each programme through our Apprenticeships website page found here.

Our experienced team of Financial Services practitioners are waiting to welcome your learners onto a Programme.

If you want to learn more about how Apprenticeships could work for you or to simply book candidates onto a course, please contact us on or speak to us on 0203 178 4230.

Julia Kirkland

Managing Partner