Courses: What’s Coming Up in Personal Development?

Personal Development, specifically CPD, is a key requirement within the financial services industry. We’ve got some great FSTP courses which are perfect for enhancing your personal development.

We encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help. There is a link to further information and booking information below each course summary. All of our courses are also available to you as in house workshops, that can be delivered at your convenience. Please contact us to explore this popular option.

Effective Report Writing – October 6

FSTP, Personal development, workshopsIn the banking and finance sector, it’s no secret that report writing comes with regulatory and legal responsibilities for the compliance and audit functions. There are serious risks of failing to convey your message clearly and effectively which is why we’ve tailor made this one-day course for you. With the double benefit of 6 CPD Credits and discounts for multiple bookings – this course will help you and your teams truly succeed.

The course is led by David Cotton who fully understands the challenge of the compliance functions to deliver information in a convincing and compelling way. His work with many teams has helped them to successfully develop and agree communications with the right level of information for different audiences.

Booking and further details here.

Speed Reading – October 27

FSTP, workshops, personal development, speed reading, CPDJoin us in the City of London for this one-day intensive course which will help you learn a smarter way to read, so you can become a smarter you.

“I was very impressed at being able to comprehend an annual report at 2 1/2 x my initial speed – a very useful tool.” – Operations Officer, Institutional Investment Firm.

Speed-reading is a game-changer – it can save you valuable hours in your research and work day. Some personal development skills are nice to have, but learning to read faster is essential. Imagine that tomorrow you could read twice as fast as you can today. How much more knowledge would you gain in just a single year?

Just as someone who works at a keyboard all day should learn to type quickly. If you read a lot, it’s a no-brainer to learn to do so faster. Doubling or trebling your reading speed is incredibly valuable and you will see the immediate benefits once you’ve attended.

Booking and further details here.

Presentation for impact in financial services – Available in-house

We have all experienced that inevitable feeling of anxiety before delivering a presentation, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s an update for colleagues or the board. Unfortunately for some people this anxiety can become fear.

Presenting is all about effective communication, so with the right skills and techniques everyone should be able to deliver an effective message to their audience.

This one day interactive course is led by a consultant with a background in professional speaking. You will be guided through the fundamental skills of presenting, which will enable you to deliver an effective message to colleagues or external stakeholders.

Booking and further details here.

Should you have any questions around our personal development courses please do not hesitate to contact us. We can deliver all our training events in house at a time to suit you.