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Course Overview

Crowdfunding is a very broad term, used in a rapidly growing industry, but this umbrella term is being used to describe an increasingly wide range of financial products, with varying levels of risk. Therefore investors are potentially being mislead by this terms and there understanding of what it means.

Given the recently approved Innovative Finance ISA tax-free interest, these types of investments will become more and more attractive to investors. But do borrowers provide all the information they should, and do the investors / consumers have all the knowledge and information that they need?

This two our course will enable you to answer these questions, and make sure that you are aware of the regulators position.

The regulator (FCA) has already decided to challenge the industry’s main players and the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA), to participate in a debate regarding the review of the rules surrounding crowdfunding.

This session will allow you to better understand the facts and figures of the industry, main changes and also better prepare you to understand the underlying risks of each type of “alternative lending” and provide practical tips on how to protect your clients investment.

The benefits of understanding alternative lending

Attending this course will enable you to:

  • Understand what is covered by the term alternative lending
  • Realise the difference between investment-based and loan-based crowdfunding
  • Acknowledge the different types of risks involved
  • Increase your knowledge of the options available within alternative lending
  • Update yourself on the regulator’s (FCA) concerns and foreseeable review of the existing rules
  • Know the industry’s facts and figures to date
  • Increase your ability to protect your clients and their investments

The Course Agenda

Different types of alternative lending and the associated risks.

  • Investment-based and loan-based crowdfunding
  • The “ISA FAmily”: Cash ISAs/IFISAs/Help to buy ISA/Lifetime ISA/Stocks and Shares ISA/Junior ISA
  • Information disclosure and timing to investors/consumers
  • Investor knowledge and/or experience of risks involved.

Regulator’s (FCA) concerns and foreseeable review to the existing rules

  • Conflicts of interest management
  • Due diligence rules
  • Disclosure of risk warnings

Facts and Figures of the ‘alternative lending industry’

Way forward for the industry/investors

How do you protect yourself and your investments?

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Meet The Tutor

Pedro Ferreira


Pedro has been teaching Finance, Regulation, Compliance and AML among many other courses in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, since late 2014.

He has actively engaged with a wide range of clients including National and International Corporate, Retail and Private Banks, Governments, National Banking and Finance Institutes and Universities, focusing in the design, conception and delivery of new and tailored class room based training.

Pedro’s ability to simplify the most complex of topics, results in him receiving consistently great feedback from participants/his clients.

Pedro has over 25 years of work experience which involves 16 years in the Banking Industry, namely at Barclays Bank Group (10 years) and several senior positions at three other International Banks.

He regularly speaks at international conferences on banking, regulation and compliance themes and publishes articles on economic, financial and banking subjects in Portugal.

Who is this course for?

It’s perfect for anyone who is currently involved in the alternative lending industry, or those who are looking to move into this area.

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