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  • II


  • City of London

CPD Credits

  • 6
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Course Overview

Quickly get to the truth in fact-finding investigations by learning to think and act like a detective

Interviewing people is a difficult skill to master. When faced with uncooperative, evasive or even deceptive interviewees, it’s hard to extract the information you need.

And sometimes you’re simply talking to someone who can’t remember the facts.

Whether you’re interviewing employees for HR issues, or you’re investigating customer complaints, miss-selling or potential fraud, being able to get to the truth is crucial.

In fact, it’s estimated that 85% of all information collected in a fact-finding investigation is done so by speaking to people.

So instead of relying on intuition, guesswork, or just standard questioning, develop advanced interviewing skills at our practical one-day course in London.

Packed with useful insights and techniques, you’ll learn how to control an interview, collect quality information and achieve your desired goals.

Take your interviewing skills to the next level

  • Learn how great interviewers are great planners
  • Ask the questions that get to the truth quickly and agreeably
  • Learn to control the conversation like a true detective
  • Expose the truth and discover hidden information
  • Successfully challenge evasive and deceptive interviewees
  • Deal with conflict like a professional mediator
  • Learn how the “cognitive interview” technique helps you uncover facts
  • Conduct interviews with integrity to gain a full and honest account of events

Interviewing techniques that get results

By sending your key individuals involved in investigative interviews, you can embed the same high quality techniques throughout your firm. We offer discounts for multiple delegates, and we can also deliver this training in-house.

icon_timeMinimise disruption to your firm
Every interview you conduct takes someone away from their day job. We help you reduce the time and cost of investigations by getting to the facts of the case quickly.

icon_avoidGet a repeatable process 
Instead of starting from scratch each time, you’ll follow a structured approach to interviewing, reducing planning time and helping you keep the conversation on track.

icon_clientsQuickly build rapport 
Skilled interviewers can build rapport with interviewees even when that person is the subject of the investigation (the classic ‘good cop’). Instead of a “you versus them” dynamic, you’ll be able to get people on your side.

icon_thumbs-upHandle difficult personalities
When faced with dismissiveness, evasion, arrogance and even aggression, you need the skills to remain in control of the conversation. These techniques will help you handle different personalities with finesse.

The Course Agenda

The PEACE model and principles of investigative interviewing

  • What is the PEACE model, and how do you use it to get results?
  • Understand the vital role of questioning and the 5WD model
  • Learn the core techniques for interviewing
  • How to build rapport and identify performance improvements
  • What are the benefits of successful interviews?

How to get your interviewee to recall the facts

  • What is the “cognitive approach” and how does it help you?
  • How to use the five senses as memory prompts
  • Linking ‘context’ and setting the scene

Applying the PEACE model

  • Planning and preparation
  • Engage and explain
  • Account
  • Closure
  • Evaluation
  • Application of the ADVOKATE mnemonic

Learn through practical exercises

  • Work through the PEACE model stages
  • Learn to challenge people successfully and ethically
  • Dealing with evasion and other avoidance techniques
  • Learn effective questioning strategies
  • Get feedback and points to apply in the work place

Review and close

  • Review of key points
  • Making sure your objectives are met
  • What to change back in the workplace?
Download PDF Get this course in-house

Or call 0203 178 4230 or email today.

Meet The Tutor

Kenneth Washington


Ken Washington took up a career as a training consultant in 2004, after retiring from the Police Service. He has been engaged by numerous organisations in training delivery, training development and the design of training events.

He is a highly experienced and self-motivated individual with extensive practical experience in the criminal justice system. Firstly with a career in the police service and more latterly as a professional trainer and training consultant operating in both the private and public sectors.

His training expertise is extensive having first qualified as a police trainer in 1983, with National Police Training and later as a Director of Studies, at National Police Training, (later Centrex) training trainers on a national basis in law and other specialisms.

Who is this course for?

It’s perfect for anyone who receives or prepares board papers, including:

• Chairman
• Company Secretaries
• Executive/Non-executive Directors
• Significant Influence Functions  holders in FCA regulated firms
• Senior Compliance and Business Managers

Training that makes a difference

Experienced engaging trainers

With first hand industry knowledge and an intimate understanding of the regulatory environment, we always guide you with an expert (and friendly) hand.

Get personalised attention

Sessions are practical workshops not PowerPoint lectures. All courses are limited to no more than 14 attendees, so we’re able to explain concepts in the context of your business.

Packed with relevant information

We know you’re busy, so we’re careful not to waste a minute of your time. Our training courses are fast paced, insightful and filled with valuable information.

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