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Course Overview

The clock is ticking; in a very short while you are committed to standing up and addressing the meeting, speaking in public about your business or giving that long awaited presentation. How confident are you feeling? How comfortable are you in communicating with authority?

Hopefully you will be sat there raring to go, ready to get in front of your audience. Or, like more people than you would perhaps have thought, you would actually rather sit this one out, preferring it to quietly go away.

Unfortunately, these opportunities don’t just go away if we leave them and funnily enough present themselves more frequently. As senior management it can’t be under estimated how important it is that you are able to not only step in and handle these situations, but to maximise the opportunity and portray the best image of yourself as a representative of your firm.

We have all witnessed presentations and speeches where the speaker is either too nervous to engage their audience, or loves the sound of their own voice so much that they talk none stop and drown out the very message they are there to deliver.

Attending this course will enable you to:

  • Build your confidence in public speaking through a practical and interactive workshop.
  • Learn a variety of techniques to help you stand up and deliver clear and engaging messages for any situation that would require it.
  • Acquire practical skills to ensure you are communicating in an authoritative manner when delivering important messages to either clients or staff.

Techniques and tips that can be implemented straight after the session to improve your public speaking.

Why is it important to be an effective public speaker in business?

This training is all about making sure that as a senior manager you are able to present effectively to colleagues and clients.

icon_timeRespond quickly to promote your business
Having the confidence to present clearly and effectively means that you can make the most of every opportunity by focusing on delivering your key messages.

icon_avoidAvoid costly mistakes
Ensure that you are communicating effectively to your audience with authority.

icon_clientsImprove client relationships
Develop your client relationships through effective communication, delivering messages that provide your clients with the information they require.


Enjoy peace of mind
Be confident in your public speaking ability, and know you can handle any situation that faces you with the appropriate level of authority.

The Course Agenda


  • How we are hard wired through evolution to accord respect and authority to effective speakers

Practical, interactive workshop:

  • 6 essential and effective techniques to help build your confidence in public speaking, and your audience s What are the standards? confidence in you as a speaker, working on:
    • Your initial contact, your ‘handshake’ with the audience
    • Gaining your audience’s attention
    • Maintaining your audience’s attention

Summary and close

  • 6 techniques to effective public speaking – reminder cards
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Meet The Tutor

Ges Ray


Ges Ray has a background that combines a 25 year Financial Services career (ACIB qualified High Net Worth Relationship Manager) with subsequent SME based Business Development Manager roles. These roles have taken him throughout the UK and also European & US offices. Throughout these roles Public Speaking and presenting have been key to success and have resulted in Ges taking this passion further to include participating in Public Speaking Competitions, Radio Broadcasting, presenting, compère roles as well as delivering workshops and training on effective public speaking.

As an MPSA – Member, Professional Speaking Association – Ges offers an effective mix of business & presenting experience enabling him to deliver practical workshops to a range of Corporate and SME clients. He provides a toolkit for allowing business’s to deliver with the confidence and to stand up and address clients & meetings, confidence to present, confidence to win business.

Business Networking memberships include the Institute of Directors, The Executive Network, Surrey Chambers of Commerce, Branduin Business Support, other local networking groups.

Who is this course for?

This session is perfect for all senior managers that are regularly delivering client presentations and delivering team meetings.

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