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Course Overview

The quality of a firms minute taking is due to come under further scrutiny with the implementation of the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime. They could even be inspected as part of regulatory supervision.

Therefore it is crucial that firms make sure that their board and committee meeting minutes are truly a reflection of the good governance arrangements that the firm has in place.

We know how much focus there is on governance arrangements, a culture of effective challenges and demonstration that strategic decisions are scrutinised by all involved. This is a common message from both regulators.

Good minutes and informed minute takers have a vital role to play, evidencing to anyone who may want to scrutinise your business that you are well governed.  We commonly find inconsistencies and lack of practical experience across minute takers, can stand in the way of that evidencing.

Unfortunately many firms have often had little or no time to ensure that those who have been given this responsibility have the tools and knowledge to effectively carry out the role.

Therefore as a training and consultancy firm with a reputation of making a real difference, FSTP have designed a short, thought provoking and behaviour changing workshop for firms looking to improve the quality and consistency of their minute taking.

Why Effective Minute Taking is an essential course

This interactive workshop has been designed for all level of staff who are tasked with minute taking.

This event will allow you to:

• Understand the regulatory importance of effective minute taking

• Know what should and shouldn’t be included

• Consider how to capture effective challenges

• Consider what actions need to be taken before and after the meeting and how to access details after the meeting

• Align consistency of approach across all your meeting minutes

The Course Agenda

Regulatory requirements for minute taking
• Guidance and highlighted good practice from regulators
• Good practice guidance from FRC and other bodies ICSA etc.
• Understand requirements of Companies Act for minutes
• Paying attention to TORs and roles and responsibilities of committee members
• What would be reviewed if a FCA governance visit or review took place

What must be included
• Items which must be present (here we would ask delegates to begin listing their current inclusions and build from these with what we expect to see)

Minuting challenge and decisions
• Understand the impending requirement to document “reasonable steps”
– Review the SMF conduct rules
– Appreciate examples of reasonable steps documentation
– Discuss what counts as evidence
• Discuss current arrangements for amendments and sign off procedures for minutes

• Confirm when, what and how minutes can be accessed

Next steps
• Capture thoughts of delegates on what they will do differently

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Meet The Tutor

Lorraine Mousley

Senior Associate

Lorraine brings over 30 years of experience in the retail banking and financial advice sector, having worked predominantly in the Banking, Bancassurance and Independent Financial advice sector.  Lorraine has extensive experience in all aspects of retail financial services, and a highly successful track record as a Financial Adviser, Area Manager and Training Design and Delivery Consultant. This gives her strong customer focus, employee engagement, and business awareness of retail clients and the issues they face.

As a Chartered Financial Planner, Lorraine was also one of the first two people in the country to have fully completed the CII Regulated Diploma. Lorraine has extensive training experience at Regulated Diploma level, across all subjects, and is an Accredited CII Trainer.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for any member of staff responsible for minute taking at any number of meetings, such a board or committee meetings.

'Incredibly helpful and engaging. Pitched at exactly the right level for a team of experienced minute takers'

Head of Corporate Governance

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