Course Code

  • DSS


  • City of London

CPD Credits

  • 2.5
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Course Overview

“Strategic planning is important to an organisation because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. Strategic planning is a tool that is useful for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward.”



“A strategy is something you can touch; you can motivate people with; be number one and number two in every business. You can energise people around the message.”

Jack Welch


This half day training session will allow delegates to fully understand the importance of developing successful strategies, leaving them able to:

  • Describe what strategy is and how it differs from tactics
  • Explain the 5 steps to developing successful strategies and how these are achieved
  • Determine how best to ensure employee and stakeholder engagement with the strategy
  • Develop and implement effective communication plans
  • Consider the effectiveness of strategic development in their own organisation and to identify any areas for possible improvement
  • Identify whether their organisation has the correct metrics and reporting mechanisms in place to be able to measure success accurately

The Course Agenda

What is strategy?

  • The difference between strategy and tactics
  • Why strategy is important from commercial and regulatory perspectives
  • The commercial impact of developing effective strategy
  • The link between organisational culture, strategy and behaviours

The 5 steps to developing successful strategy

  • Gathering the facts
  • Aligning strategy to vision and values
  • Identifying strategic objectives
  • Tactical planning
  • Managing performance

Employee & stakeholder engagement

  • Communicating strategy
  • The importance of aligning personal objectives to organisational strategy

Maintaining focus and commitment

  • Allocating accountability and delegating responsibility
  • Accurate and timely management reporting – what, when and to whom?
  • Implementing governance arrangements to support the development and pursuit of successful strategy
  • The importance of constructive challenge

Measuring success

  • Setting realistic milestones
  • Measuring the right things
  • Evaluating performance
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Meet The Tutor

Kath Thomas


Kath started out in Financial Services, where she has held several positions including Programme Manager, Operations Manager, Strategy and Commercial Partnerships Manager and Head of Strategic Change.


Kath’s focus in consultancy has been on strategy development and translation, working alongside CEOs and Senior Executives to ensure strategy is clear and delivery possible. She also focuses on leadership and team coaching, helping to improve the performance of individuals and teams to contribute to the overall success of the business.


Kath has been involved with overseeing a number of diverse change management programmes, including product development projects, invitations to tender and a rebrand project. Kath’s belief is that you have the potential to be brilliant when you are able to align ability, mindset and opportunity and she has been involved with coaching a number of professionals to maximise potential.

Who is this course for?

It’s perfect for board members or senior managers including those in:

  • Compliance
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management

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