Complete SM&CR Toolkit for 2019

With SM&CR being extended across the entire financial services industry there was no way that all businesses being affected would experience the same issues or concerns. That is why we have used our experience from working with the Banks and Building Societies that came under SM&CR back in 2016 to highlight the challenges that faced these firm. The one key message that we found was that looking back they felt that they hadn’t allocated sufficient time to ensure their projects were completed. We also found that each firm required different variations of support. Not all our clients required an overarching SM&CR support plan. Therefore we have separated our SM&CR support into a toolkit that allows you the flexibility of selecting the individual elements you need support with, complimenting your existing project while not spending unnecessary budget. We have provided an SM&CR Timeline to help get you thinking about your project plan and what gaps you might have identified.

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You can download our full suite of support services that we can offer your firm, helping to simplify your SM&CR project in 2019. This modular approach to SM&CR support was very useful for firms of all sizes captured by the new regime in 2016.

Our Partners and Consultants are experienced in delivering practical solutions, and can also help identify the gaps on resource with tools and templates. We don’t just leave you to populate a template (a criticism that the regulators had of many firms in their supervisory visits post implementation). Instead, we’ll work with you to create your own versions, bespoke to your business and sympathetic to your business model.

We can provide you with tailored support for your firm, the only thing we can’t do is decide when you decide to start your planning. Don’t leave it too late, learn from those that have gone before.

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Stuart Bull

Marketing Manager