Perhaps you’re a senior manager about to step up to the board. Or you’re a director looking for strategies to better manage yourself and your teams. Or maybe you’re a high potential individual looking to fast-track your career.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, our executive coaching will help you overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

But do you even need a coach?

Coaching is an investment in talent. All elite athletes use coaches to reach their full potential. And you’re no different. So coaching is not a nice-to-have; it’s essential when striving to become a better version of you.

With pragmatic and insightful coaching, we unlock untapped potential and help you and your firm reach new heights.

Coaching from people who know financial services

You get personalised attention – You won’t go through a standard coaching program. In fact, there is no standard coaching program. While we follow a proven framework, we tailor our coaching to your needs, helping you achieve your specific goals.

Get realistic action plans
– It’s easy to get inspired to change on one day, and then fall back into usual habits the next. We make sure you leave us with clearly defined goals and a clear roadmap to achieve them. So you turn words into action.

Discreet and confidential
– Develop ideas and strategies in an objective and neutral environment. We provide the safe place to discuss and plan your next play before you reveal your hand to the world.

We challenge your thinking
– A good coach challenges your assumptions and behaviours, holding up a mirror for you to appraise yourself honestly. We help you see your blind spots so you can improve any personal weaknesses.

Designed for busy individuals
– We’ve worked with senior executives from major UK financial companies, so we know just how “crazy busy” you are. We allow you to set the agenda and we treat your time like the incredibly valuable resource it is.

Develop the skills that help you and your firm prosper

Learning who you are requires hard work. Knowing other people is even more difficult. But successful executives know heightened self-awareness and empathy (so called ‘soft skills’) make you a more powerful and effective individual.

Develop self-awareness
– If you’re unaware or in denial about your personal motives, you’ll be a less effective leader of people. Our coaching helps you improve self-knowledge and reap the colossal benefits of doing so.

Develop greater empathy
– Studies show that the more power people have, the less able they are to understand others. Our coaching program helps you better improve your ability to think smartly and compassionately about others.

Executive coaching is not consultancy

While we are specialist trainers in the financial services industry, this service is not about telling you what to do, or to support your leadership with an extra pair of hands.

The goal of coaching is to help you think through and overcome your own challenges. We help you discover the answers, simply by asking the right questions.

Good coaching can be transformative and one of the best investments you can make.

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“FSTP delivered a very well presented package of information which will prove extremely useful and provoked interesting debate.”

Anthony Straw

Underwriter, Bell & Clements

Who is this coaching for?

Senior managers

Heads of divisions

Board directors

High potential individuals

Employees critical to a firm’s success


Highly experienced consultants

We only provide sector specialists with experience at the highest levels in the industry. And with our finger constantly on the regulator’s pulse, you can expect knowledgeable and up-to-date advice.

We’re always easy to work with

This is often underrated, but it makes a difference. We quickly get a feel for your firm, working with not against your team. It means we get the job done without friction and without fuss.

Advice tailored to your business

You need consultants that get your business, not just financial firms in general. So we first understand the specific needs and nuances of your firm, resulting in more relevant, practical and effective support.