CISI PCIAM – A window of Opportunity

Most of you in the Retail Investment/Wealth Management/ Private Client Investment sectors are likely to be fully conversant with merits of the CISI Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice and Management (PCIAM) paper –  an established qualification. Its pass rates are historically strong and at Level 6 it has been a business standard and demonstration of competence for many years across the industry.

Those taking the exam since 2012 have been gap filling this exam to gain an SPS with FCA Specialist Activities for Securities, Derivatives and Retail Investment Products and friendly society tax-exempt policies.

However, many of you may not be aware that gapfill ceases on 31st December 2020… it will no longer be possible to gapfill, PCIAM and therefore anyone taking the exam in December 2020, who does not arrange to gapfill, and lodge this with the CISI before the 31st December will not be RDR compliant and will not be able to gain their SPS.

FSTP, an accredited gapfill provider, have helped 100’s of professionals gain the right CPD to ensure RDR compliance. If you already hold PCIAM and want to explore additional gapfill see our gapfill support page here.

If you are taking the PCIAM paper in September or planning to do so in December we offer PCIAM exam tuition designed to include ALL the gapfill for all the FCA Specialist Activities.

At the end of the virtual, online interactive 8 day course you will be:

a) ready to take the exam
b) in receipt of a certificate to evidence the gap fill is complete.

Given our success rate for tutored candidates we will help you to be in the best position to pass the exam.

As well as exceptional support delivered by an established recognised and highly successful tutor, our 8 day programme also includes a fully marked mock exam and access to additional candidate material online.

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