Apprenticeship Week round up

Last week our apprenticeship team hosted a couple of coffee and chat events. These events brought together client firms, existing apprentices on our programmes, trainers and firms looking to start apprenticeship programmes.

These events were a great success and allowed an informal opportunity for people to ask questions and hear from existing client firms and apprentices on what it’s like to study with the FSTP team. We have provided a brief summary of the main areas that were discussed across the events below. Have a quick look and don’t forget to reach out to our team with any questions. You can reach us via emailing –

Summary of main topics to come out of the National Apprenticeship week events:

  • An apprentice experience is very rewarding – the structure keeps you fully engaged and active
  • It is often difficult to find programmes that will accept smaller numbers of apprentices i.e. less than 5 which are open programme, however open programmes allow apprentices access to valuable networking opportunities which plays a critical part of their development
  • Financial Services needs to do more with schools – firms need to engage locally with school careers fairs and the like – similarly trade bodies and associations could do more to engage with those choosing not to go to university
  • COVID will drive more people from outside FS to look at what we all have to offer in terms of jobs and those people will have skills we need. Apprenticeships can be used to train these people and also develop existing staff into new roles
  • 20% off the job during work time can be an issue – however firms can think about “front loading” programmes and the use of creative assignments and projects in between training activities are helpful
  • Firms are looking to use the Level 3 and 4 programme to dovetail in with regulatory requirements to gain professional qualifications but this mustn’t override the need to get the right people on the right programme
  • Apprenticeships do create loyalty and help with retention
  • The title Apprentices – this is an issue for some using the apprenticeship parlance so recommended that you think about naming it “YOUR FIRM NAME Academy” to provide firm with ownership and enthusiasm for the programme internally
  • Line Managers have to be invested in the apprenticeship programme –  good training provider induction sessions and guidance is key
  • The ability to use FSTP recruitment support has been very useful


Please note  that FSTP are beginning 3 open courses in later Feb/early March they are ideal for those of you with one or 2 apprentices;

  • Mortgage Adviser Level 3 – 12 months
  • Financial Services Administrator Level 3 – 12 months
  • Financial Adviser Level 4 (RDR Compliant) – 24 months

We plan to start an open programme Investment Operations Technician Level 3 – CISI IOC qualification embedded, in mid-April. This is ideal for those with only a small number of potential candidates.

Check all of the Apprenticeship Programmes we can provide including those for InsuranceMotor FinanceLeadership and Management and higher degree and Masters level programmes HERE  (All of which can run as in house programme to work with your development plan providing minimum numbers of delegates is met i.e. normally 6 +)


Apprenticeship Team